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Business Accounts

Convenience. Control. Security.

From day-to-day transactions to quarterly cash flow to annual financial statements, Citizens State Bank can help you find the right account to manage your business with the security and control your customers and vendors expect.


Commercial Checking Accounts

With a business or corporation account at Citizens State Bank, you'll have the accurate records of your day-to-day transactions to keep your commercial expenses under control.

And with Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can manage your accounts in the office, at home or on the road.


Business + Checking Accounts

A Business + Checking account allows you to earn interest on your account, while allowing for unlimited monthly withdrawals. A minimum balance is required to waive the monthly maintenance fee.


Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized Payments

Don't be frustrated with payroll problems. With direct deposit service from your Citizens State Bank account, your employees will have the convenience and security of paper-free paychecks - and your business will save both time and money.

If you're bogged down with bill preparations and office expenses, ask your CSB representative how pre-authorized payments can help you reduce delinquencies and improve customer relations.


Business Savings and Investment Accounts

Citizens State Bank offers several growth opportunities for business customers, including interest-earning savings accounts, insured money market accounts, and more.

If your business maintains a higher account balance, an insured money market investment account is an ideal way to maximize interest earnings on funds held in their market-indexed accounts.


Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Looking for a stable long-term investment? A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is an easy way and safe way to maximize your savings - and your Citizens State Bank representative can create a CD package tailored to your desired deposit amount and term length.



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Megan Moore

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Brandi Holst

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Stacey Fuhrmeister

Location: Olin
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Jessica Nicely

Location: Oxford Junction
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